Vibrant VanJen HD Quick Release Clamp Assemblies

Vibrant Performance VanJen HD Clamp Assemblies are the next step in the evolution of Vibrant's VanJen Clamping System. This popular suite of modular, flexible connectors is ideal for intake charge piping and provides leak free performance under boost. Traditionally the VanJen system was rated for applications up to 110 psi, but now with the use of the heavy duty VanJen clamps you can expect boost proof performance up to 800 psi! Ideal for race applications with highly advanced pressurized air applications and turbo intake charge piping, while the traditional VanJen Clamp is great for everyday street applications where silicone couplers may not be the best solution. The HD Clamp is a solid 6061 aluminum piece that comes anodized in either black or blue with an etched white Vibrant logo. The HD Clamp is currently available for use with 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4" and 5" OD tubing and are also backward compatible with existing Vibrant VanJen weld ferrules and union sleeves - an easy upgrade! 
Vibrant HD Clamp Features: 
Solid Billet 6061 Aluminum construction 
Burst pressure rating of 800 PSI 
Works with traditional VanJen Weld Fittings 
Withstands up to 400°F 
Up to 12 degrees of axial movement 
Choice of Blue or Black Anodized finish

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