Vibrant 4" Universal Catch Can, Recirculating Closed Loop Top

Vibrant's Performance 4" Universal Catch Cans with Recirculating Closed Loop Tops are made entirely from T6061 aluminum and are suitable for various types of service, including oil, coolant, and even vacuum. Available in polished aluminum (#12698) or anodized black (#12697). 
Vibrant Catch Can Features: 
Recirculating Closed Loop Top 
Internally baffled to prevent particles from escaping 
4" Diameter x 8" Tall T6061 Aluminum Body for more particle accumulation 
(4) Integrated -10 AN Fittings on top 
Stainless mounting bracket can be clocked for ideal mounting position 
ORB-08 drain plug at bottom for drainage or return feed to oil pan 
Dip stick for fluid level check

Collections: Performance Parts

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