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Power Tool Organizer with Battery Rack and Charger Shelf

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 Cordless Drill Holder with Charger and Battery Storage

Say goodbye to the frustration of a cluttered workshop and wasted time searching for the right power tool. Our Power Tool Rack with Battery Rack and Charger Shelf offers a practical and efficient solution for organizing your power tools. With designated slots for your power tools, a dedicated battery rack, and a charging shelf, you can easily store, charge, and access your tools and batteries, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime on your projects.

 The Ultimate Power Deck Organizer comes with your choice of battery rack mount and 6 slot power strip. Our new Power Deck also features an integrated bottle opener brace. Made from 16-gauge steel and powder coated for a strong long-lasting mount. Pictured organizer is Black Chrome powder coat with a Milwaukee Battery Rack.

Measurements are 29.5" long and are 8" tall and 10" deep for 6 slot and 3 slot 14.75" 4 slot 19.5", Drills and Drivers can be hung many different ways on this holder.

The opening is 1.5" wide and 4.5" long. I would check your handle sizes to make sure they will fit. Ridgid, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Festool, Hitachi/Metabo/Hikoki, Hilti, Bosch and Makita all fit.

Compatibility For Battery Rack : Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Festool, Hitachi/Metabo/Hikoki, Hilti, Makita and Ridgid

DeWalt Stem style batteries will not fit current DeWalt mount.
Please message us if you are ordering for DeWalt Flexvolt so that we can supply the proper battery rack.

Please message for correct battery series, to ensure your batteries will fit.

We do not supply mounting hardware with our items. Please contact us and we can answer any further questions on our Tool Organizers. 

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