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Movin on Up!!

  We're movin!! Some of you that know us personally, or who have worked close with us on your custom projects or industrial jobs, know we have been working on moving our business. We are busting at the seams with our current location, and yesterday would not be soon enough to move!

  We were lucky enough to find ground within about 20min of our current location last year after literal years of looking. We live in a small rural community with loads of farmers, and no one...I repeat, NO ONE let's go of their dirt!! Understandably😉 We prayed about it, and waited, and finally a nice piece of ground came about on a highway front location that we were able to work with. Lots of logging, bulldozing, gravel loads, and 1 year later... we have ourselves some footings folks!!

  We will have to continue to practice patience, as we are unfortunately building during the weirdness of shortages, and availability of certain items being up to 6 months out. Stay tuned for more updates. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the progression of our soon to be new home!



Movin on Up!!

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